Disc 1- B Sides/ Random Studio

1. Wash ("Alive" B-side)

2. Dirty Frank ("Alive" B-side)

3. Iíve Got a Feeling ("Alive" B-side)

4. Footsteps ("Jeremy" B-side)

5. Yellow Ledbetter ("Jeremy" B-side)

6. Alone ("Go" B-side)

7. I Got ID (from "Merkin Ball")

8. Long Road (from "Merkin Ball")

9. Dead Man ("Off He Goes" B-side)

10. Black, Red, Yellow ("Hail, Hail" B-side)

11. Leatherman ("Given to Fly" B-side)

12. U ("Wishlist" B-side)

13. Last Kiss (from "Last Kiss" single)

14. Soldier of Love (from "Last Kiss" single)

15. Believe You Me (demo)

16. Just A Girl (demo)

17. Daddy Could Swear (pre-"Ten" demo)

18. Passiní Thru w/ Gary Heffen)

Disc 2- Fan Club Holiday Singles/ Soundtracks

--Fan Club Singles--


1. Let Me Sleep
2. Ramblings I


3. Sonic Reducer

4. Ramblings 2


5. Angel

6. Ramblings III

1995 (double set given to 1994-95 Members)

7. History Never Repeats (live)

8. Swallow My Pride (live)

9. My Way (live)

also included a live version of "Sonic Reducer"


10. Olympic Platinum

also included a live version of "Smile"


11. Happy When Iím Crying

12. Live For Today (performed by REM)

1998- "Last Kiss" Single

1999- recorded during WTO Protests

13. Strangest Tribe

14. Drifting


15. Breath (Singles)

16. State of Love and Trust (Singles)

17. Crazy Mary (Victoria Williams Benefit)

18. Leaving Here (Home Alive)

19. Grammie Out of Control (MOM I)

20. Hard to Imagine (Chicago Cab Movie)

21. Whale Song (MOM 3)

Disc 3- Live Covers Part 1

1. Baba OíRiley (The Who)

2. I Canít Explain (The Who)

3. Sheraton Gibson (The Who)

4. My Generation (The Who)

5. Girls Eyes (The Who)

6. The Kids are Alright (Pete Townsed)

7. Let My Love Open the Door (Pete Townsed)

8. Fuckiní Up (Neil Young)

9. Keep on Rockiní in the Free World (Neil Young)

10. The Needle and the Damage Done (with Neil Young, Flea) (Neil Young)

11. Keep on Rockiní in the Free World (acoustic) (Neil Young)

12. Light My Fire (The Doors)

13. Roadhouse Blues (The Doors)

14. Break on Through (The Doors)

15. Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix)

Disc 4- Live Covers Part 2

1. Driven to Tears (The Police)

2. Everyday People (Sly & The Family Stone)

3. Redemption Song (Bob Marley)

4. I Wonít Back Down (Tom Petty)

5. Masters of War (Bob Dylan)

6. I Am A Patriot (Steve Van Zandt)

7. Frightened (unknown artist)

  1. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters and Collectors)
  2. Walking The Cow (Daniel Johnson)
  3. Ship Song (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
  4. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay w/ Otis Redding (Otis Redding)
  5. Against the 70ís w/ Mike Watt (Mike Watt)
  6. So You Wanna Be a Rock ní Roll Star w/ Ben Harper (Byrds)
  7. Beast of Burden (Rolling Stones)/ Rats
  8. Angie (Rolling Stones)/ State of Love and Trust

Disc 5- Live and Acoustic

  1. Bee Girl
  2. Untitled
  3. Dream
  4. Out of My Mind
  5. Words Out of Place
  6. Brother
  7. Sick Oí Pussies (Bad Radio)

8. Untitled (From "Live on Two Legs")

  1. Saying No
  2. Trouble (Vedder Solo)
  3. Corduroy (acoustic)
  4. Yellow Ledbetter (acoustic)
  5. Last Kiss (acoustic)

14. Soon Forget (acoustic)

15. Better Man (acoustic)