Pearl Jam Setlists:


7.2.98 St. Louis, MO
Source: DAT>CDR
Length: 2 CDR
Set: Oceans/ Hail, Hail/ Brain of J/ Spin The Black Circle/ Tremor Christ/ Given To Fly/ In Hiding/ Corduroy/ MFC/ Wishlist/ Nothingman/ Habit/ Even Flow/ Daughter/ Immortality// Black/ Alive/ Do The Evolution/ Jeremy/ I Got Shit/ Betterman/ Fuckin' UP (Neil Young)/ Yellow Ledbetter
Notes: Ecellent Quality Show, with an amazing set.

MTV Unplugged (Full Show)
Source: Broadcast> DAT (?)> CDR
Length: 2 CDR
Set: Oceans/ State of Love and Trust/ Alive/ Black/ Jeremy/ Porch/ Even Flow/ Keep On Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young)
Notes: MTV Unplugged performance, not the broadcast show but the entire set. Vedder "edits" himself frequently.

Le the Song Protest 5 CD Set


3/5/98- Melborne, Aulstralia
Quality: A (FM Broadcast)
Length: 130 minutes
Setlist: Release, Brain of J, Animal, Faithful, In My Tree, I Got I.D., Corduroy, Wishlist, Evenflow, Spin the Black Circle, Daughter, Given to Fly, Hail, Hail, M.F.C., Elderly Woman..., Off He Goes, State of Love and Trust, Do The Evolution, Alive, Go, Black, Rearview Mirror, Immortality, Indifference, Porch
Notes: Hail, Hail is dedicated to Luc Longley on this, the last of a string of Melborne shows. It is another great set by a energetic band, and in great quality.

3/2/98- Melborne, Australia
: B+
Length: 120 minutes
Setlist: Long Road, Do the Evolution, Animal, Hail, Hail, Dissident, Evenflow, Faithful, M.F.C., Corduroy, Wishlist, Jeremy, Daughter, Given to Fly, Last Exit, Off he Goes, Rearviewmirror, Not For You, Black, Alive, Brain of J, Betterman, smile, Rockin in the Free World (Neil Young Cover)
Notes: Rockin in the Free World is awesome. Has a lot of good versions of songs from Yield. Pearl Jam is just a great live band, and this boot captures that magic

Seattle Washington- 1/31/98
: A+
Length: 60 minutes
Setlist: Do the Evolution, Given to Fly, Pilate, Wishlist, Brain of J, Push Me, Pull Me, Spin the Black Circle, Nothingman, Olympic Platinum, Leatherman, I Don't Know (Brad), It's Not Too Late (Brad)
Notes: Wow. This is a great tape that captures the band in the studio preparing for Yield. Some of the songs are not on Yield (i.e. Olympic Platinum). Brad's two Demos are cool too

7/11/95- Soldier Field Chicago, IL
: A (FM?)
Length: 180 minutes
Setlist: Release, Go, Last Exit, Spin the Black Circle, Tremor Christ, Whipping, I Got I.D., Evenflow, ???, Deep Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/Real me/W.M.A./The Wall (pink Floyd cover), Animal, Habit, Lukin, Elderly woman…, Immortality, alive, Porch, Everyday people, Let My Love Open the door, Rearviewmirror, Black, Blood, Yellow ledbetter, Corduroy, Dissident, Not for you, Better Man
Notes: Great quality show, and my favorite PJ bootleg. Very long, with a lot of songs.

1994- Fox Theater, Atlanta
: A (FM)
Length: 70 minutes
Setlist (incomplete show): Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Evenflow, Dissident, Leash, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/ The Wall (Pink Floyd cover), Go, W.M.A., Better Man, Black, Alive, Once
Notes: Incomplete, but awesome nonetheless. Daughter here is awesome.

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