Nirvana Setlists

CDR List:

Outcesticide 1: "In Memory of Kurt Cobain"
1. if you must-(ted ed fred demo)
2. downer-(ted ed fred demo)
3. flyod the barber-(ted ed fred demo)
4. paper cuts-(ted ed fred demo)
5. spank thru-(ted ed fred demo)
6. beeswax-(ted ed fred demo)
7. blandest-(recipricol studios)
8. polly-(88' 4 track demo)
9. misery loves company-(88' 4 track demo)
10. do you love me?-(evergreen sessions)
11. been a son-(blew ep)
12. junkyard- (10/23/89)
13. opinoin- (boy meets girl radio broadcast)
14. D-7-(edit, john peel sessions)
15. imodium-(smart sessions)
16. pay to play-(smart sessions)
17. sappy-(smart sessions)
18. here she comes now-(amsterdam radio)
19. where did you sleep last night?-(amsterdam radio)
20. return of the rat -(laundry room sessions)
21. talk to me -(11/16/91)
Outcesticide 2: "The Needle and the Damage Done"
Source: Various
Length: 1 CDR
1. in bloom-(smart sessions)
2. imodium-(11/18/89)
3. help me-(11/22/89)
4. oh the guilt-(11/16/91)
5. smells like teen spirit-(1/23/93, flea on trumpet)
6. pennyroyal tea-(10/12/91)
7. its closing soon- (rio tape)
8. heart shaped box-(1/23/93)
9. scentless apprentice-(1/23/93)
10. been a son- (10/14/91 record store acoustic set)
11. something in the way/ negative creep- (10/14/91 record store acoustic set)
12. where did you sleep last night?-(9/26/92, kurt solo)
13. baba o' riley-(12/7/91)
14. the end-(11/23/91)
15. lithium-(smart sessions)
16. dumb-(2/22/94)
17. molly's lips-(11/18/89)
18. in his hands-(8/17/90)
19. the man who sold the world-(1/4/94)
20. smells like teen spirit-(11/8/91)
Outcesticde 3:"The Final Solution"
: Various
Length: 1 CDR
1. rape me- (live)
2. pennyroyal tea- (live)
3. drain you-(live)
4. marigold-(dave grohl original demo)
5. dive-(11/18/89)
6. mr.moustache-(drop d version)
7. blandest- (love buzz sesion)
8. polly-(blew ep)
9. smells like teen spirit-(1/10/92)
10. serve the servants-(2/23/94)
11. dumb-(2/23/94)
12. tourrettes-(8/30/92)
13. anuerysm-(11/25/90)
14. oh the guilt-(11/25/90)
15. dive-(radio braodcast)
16. about a girl-(radio broadcast)
17. the money will roll right in-(8/30/92)
18. in his hands-(11/25/90)
10. curmudgeon- (live)
20. alcohol-(11/26/89, kurt with tad)
21. roaunchola-(1/23/88)
22. beans-(88' 4 track demo)

Outcesticde 4: "Gone, But Not Forgotten"
Source: Various
Length: 1 CDR
1. Pennyroyal Tea (Scott Litt remix)
2. Spank Thru (Recipricol Studios- 11/6/88)
3. territorial pissings (12/06/91)
4. smells like teen spirit (11/28/91)
5. rape me (11/19/91)
6. pay to play (5/14/90)
7. scoff (live sub-pop b-side '89)
8. love buzz (live sub-pop b-side '89)
9. floyd the barber (live sub-pop b-side '89)
10. here she comes now (5/14/90)
11. D-7 (8/30/92)
12. drain you (alt lyrics, 8/90)
13. about a girl (alt lyrics, summer '88)
14. lithium (alt lyrics, seattle 3/90)
15. blew (alt lyrics, 11/88)
16. all apologies (alt lyrics, 12/2/91)
17. radio friendly../my sharona (2/16/94)
18. sappy (2/16/94)
19. bambi slaughter (kurt home demo- fall '86)
20. clean up before she comes (4 track demo- '87)
21. black 7 white blues (seattle, 89)
22-3 montage of heck parts 1 & 2 (kurts sound collages- spring '88)

7/23/93- Roseland Ballromm; New York, NY
Source: DAT>CDR
Length: 1 CDR
Set: Serve the Servants, Scentless Apprentice, School, Breed, Lithium, Come as You Are, Milk It, Drain You, Tourettes, Very Ape, Heart Shaped Box, Rape Me, All Apologies, Polly, Dumb, Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Ledbelly), Something in the Way, SLTS, Endless, Nameless

Tape List:

Rome, Italy (from In Utero Tour)
Quality: A+ (soundboard)
Length: 90 minutes
Setlist: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Drain You, Breed, Serve the Servants, Come as You Are, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Sliver, Dumb, In Bloom, About A Girl, Lithium, Pennyroyal Tea, School, Polly, Very Ape, Lounge Act, Rape Me, Territorial Pissings, All pologies, Oh Me, Scentless Apprentice, Heart Shaped Box, Impov/Drum Solo
Notes: An excellent quality show that shows Nirvana at the height of its popularity. Standouts include school, very ape, scentless apprentice, and the jam at the end. Regarded as one of most famous Nirvana concerts.

12/13/93- MTV Live and Loud
A (soundboard)
Length: 35 minutes
Setlist: Drain You, Blew, Serve the Servants, Rape me, Heart Shaped Box, Pennyroyal Tea, Scentless Apprentice, Lithium, Instrumental Jam
Notes: Aanother excellent quality show, and with a shortened setlist (for MTV). The version of Scentless Apprentice here is the one from Wishkah.

BBC Sessions (1990?)
: B+
Length: 20 minutes
Setlist: Love Buzz, About a Girl, Polly, Spank Thru, D-7, Dumb

12/28/88- Seattle, WA
Quality: B+
Length: 35 minutes
Setlist: School, Lovebuzz, Floyd the Barber, Mr. Moustache, Paper Cuts, Mexican Seafood, Spank Thru, Sifting, Hairspray Queen, Blew
Notes: Early Nirvana at their best, and clearest. Great quality and a great Bleach tinged setlist make this a must have Nirvana concert for any fan.

4-17-87 KAOSs FM Radio, Olympia, WA
Quality: B
Length: 40 minutes
Setlist: Lovebuzz, Floyd the Barber, Downer, Mexican Seafood, Unknown, Spank Thru, Suicide Samauri, Hairspray Queen, Pen Cap Chew
Notes: Demos recorded on KAOS (Olympia) radio prior to Bleach. Includes some real cool versions, and some rarities.

"Fecal Matter Demo"
Quality: C+
Length: 20 minutes
Setlist: Bambi Slaughter, Laminated Effect, Buffy's pregnant, Spank thru, Downer (instrumental), Anorexorcist
Notes: For a while people thought this was the elusive fecal matter demo. Now they aren't so sure. I don't think it is, but you can decide for yourselves if you want.

Grunge is Dead
: A
Length: 60 minutes
Tracklist: I Hate Myself and Want to Die, Verse Chorus verse, Polly (demo), Breed (demo), Lovebuzz (demo), Spank Thru, Token Eastern Song, Instrumental, Blew (demo), Lithium (demo), In Bloom (demo), Dazed and Confused, Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live Brit Pseudo), Territorial Pissings (live), Heart Shaped Box (SNL), Rape Me (SNL)
Notes: Lots of cool demos, this is the best I've ever heard SLTS ("load up on drugs, kill your friends").

Rareities and Live
: Varies (A to C)
Length: 90 minutes
Tracklist: Spank Thru, Curmudgeon, D-7, Beans, Opinion, Return of the Rat, Endless, nameless, Here She comes Now, Blandest, token eastern Song, Do You Love Me?, Marigold, Even in His Youth, Black Seven White Blues, Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow through The Strip, Yes, She is My Skinhead, Hummingbirds from Hell?, Junkyard, Help Me, I'm Hungry, Verse chorus Verse (acoustic), Love Buzz (live), Talk to Me, Oh, the guilt, Lithium (live), Verse Chorus Verse (live), Formaldehyde, White boy funk
Notes: A near-exhaustive compilation of unreleased Nirvana. A lot of it is (in my opinion) their best stuff. If you love Nirvana, you should know these songs.

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