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MM/DD/YY    Venue; Location                           Grade       Time    Src/Gen/Ft            Notes



A Perfect Circle


06/07/00    Aragon Ballroom; Chicago, IL              8.0/10      1CDR  MD?>CDR


Amos, Tori


04/11/96    Majestic Theater; New York, NY            9.0/10      1CDR  PRO>CD            MTV Unplugged              




??/??/94?   Ventura Theater (odelay Tour)             10/10 35    FM>ANA(m)        

02/15/00    Radio City Music Hall; NYC, NY            8.0/10      2CDR  MD>CDR



Bowie, David


VARIOUS     UNPLUGGED                                 VAR/10      1CDR  VAR>CDR

xx/xx/72    Santa Monica, CA                          10/10 1CDR  FM>DAT>CDR



Counting Crows


11/21/93    Charleston, WV                            8.5/10      1CAS  SBD>ANA(l)

04/28/94    Teatro Pallido; Rome, Italy               9.0/10      1CAS  SBD>ANA(l)

11/16/95    Hollywood Grand; Hollywood, CA            6.8/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(?)

VARIOUS     "By The Time We Got to Woodstock"         10/10       1CDR  SBD>STU>CDR       Official Release. 100 ltd. copies.

12/02/99    Denver, CO                                10/10       2CDR  FM>DAT>CDR

05/05/00    Shim Sham Club; New Orleans, LA           10/10       2CDR  DAT>SHN>WAV>CDR      DAUD(Digital Transfer)>Sony ECM-959A>Sony MZR-30>CD

08/22/00    PNC Perfoming Arts Center; Holmdel, NJ    8.5/10      1CDR  DAT>CDR

04/29/01    Shim Sham Club; New Orleans, LA           10/10       2CDR  MD>SHN>WAV>CDR      DSBD>MD>CD

10/16/01    Smith College; Northampton, MA            9.0/10      2CDR  MD>SHN>WAV>CDR      Core Sound HEB>SBM1/D8 from right




10/08/99    War memorial; Syracuse, NY                7/10        2CDR  DAT>CDR          


The Doors


VARIOUS           TV Performances                     VAR/10      1CDR  VAR>CDR           All? TV performances by the Doors


Fountains of Wayne


xx/xx/xx          Rarities                            VAR/10      1CDR  VAR>CDR           Random Stuff, mostly studio quality


Foo Fighters


VARIOUS     Etcetra Vols. 1,2                         VAR/10      2CDR  CD/MP3>CDR        self made B-Sides/rare compilation

xx/xx/94?   "I'm OK Eur OK"- London, UK               9.0/10      45    PRO>VHS>ANA(m)    MTV concert

xx/xx/98    Ontario- Colour and Shape Tour            9.0/10      75    FM>ANA(m)         Westwood One "In Concert" show

10/28/00    Shoreline Amphitheater; Mt. View, CA      8.5/10      40    DAT>CDR           Bridge School benefit Show (acoustic)

10/29/00    Shoreline Amphitheater; Mt. View, CA      8.5/10      40    DAT>CDR           Bridge School benefit Show (acoustic)



Golden Smog


04/19/96    Cat's Cradle; Chapel Hill, NC             NYR/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(l)



Green Day


05/06/98    House of Blues; Myrtle Beach, SC          9.0/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR





03/11/99    Areo Arena; Sacramento, CA                9.0/10      1CDR  DAT>CDR

05/15/99    Sonic Sessions; Philadelphia, PA          9.0/10      1CDR  FM>DAT>CDR




Joel, Billy


12/11/98    Carrier Dome; Syracuse, NY                2.5/10      2CDR  ANA>CDR           very crappy. upgrade possibly coming

04/20/99    Meadowlands; East Rutherford, NJ          7.5/10      2CDR  MD>CDR



Joel, Billy and John, Elton


3/30+31/98 Tokyo Dome; Tokyo, Japan                   10/10       2CDR  SBD>CDR

05/05/01    Carrier Dome, Syracuse; NY                7.5/10      3CDR  DAT>CDR



John, Elton


xx/xx/68    1968 Demos                                10/10       1CDR  STU>CDR           Nick Drake and DJM demos

04/18/00    War Memorial; Syracuse, NY                9.0/10      3CDR  DAT>CDR



Joy Division


VARIOUS     "Early Sessions and Other Rarities"       VAR/10      1CAS  VAR>ANA           most songs not on "H&S Box Set"

xx/xx/79    Peel Session                              10/10       1CAS  FM>CDR>ANA       

07/13/79    The Factory 1; Hulme, Manchester          9.0/10      1CAS  SBD?>CDR>ANA      from "Form and Substance- Dark Side"

01/11/80    Paradiso; Amsterdam, Holland              9.0/10      1CAS  SBD?>CDR>ANA      from "Form and Substance- Dark Side"

01/18/80    De Effenaar; Eindhoven, Holland           9.0/10      1CAS  SBD?>CDR>ANA      from "Form and Substance-Bright Side"





02/15/95    Brooklyn Academy; New York, NY            9.0/10      45    TV>DAT>ANA(l)     MTV Unplugged

11/02/95    Amsterdam, Holland                        8.5/10      45    AUD?>ANA(l)

12/18/99    Unknown Venue                             10/10       1CDR  DAT?/SBD?>CDR    



Dave Matthews Band


06/08/96    S.P.A.C.; Saratoga, NY                    7.0/10      125   ANA(low)

12/08/00    Bryce Jordan Center; State College, PA    8.5/10      2CDR  MD>CDR

06/12/01    Giants Stadium; East Rutherford, NJ       8.0/10      3CDR  MD>CDR

04/13/02    HSBC Arena; Buffalo, NY                   8.0/10      143   Schoeps MK4s->KCY active->Schoeps VMS5U->Sony M1 6thR-SR

07/20/02    Six Flags Darien Lake; Darien Ctr., NY    8.0/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds


12/12/93    Jefferson Theater; Charlottesville, VA    10/10       2CDR  SBD?>CDR          Sounds perfect

01/29/99    Landmark Theater; Syracuse, NY            9.5/10      160   AKG C100's > DA-P1 > CDR

03/14/99    Marin Civic Center; San Rafael, CA        9.5/10      3CDR  Schoeps MK4 > BRBox > SBM > Sony D8 > CDR

03/25/99    Mainstage Theater UB; Buffalo, NY         8.5/10      160   AKG 480+CK61->DAP1





10/01/91    "The Montgomery Sessions"                 7.5/10      1CDR  DAT?>CDR

07/23/93    Roseland Ballroom; New York, NY           9.0/10      1CDR  SBD?>CDR

12/12/93    MTV Live and Loud                         9.0/10      1CDR  TV>DAT>ANA(l)

For more Nirvana see http://daveheineman.tripod.com/nirvana.htm



Nine Inch Nails


06/07/00    Aragon Ballroom; Chicago, IL              8.0/10      2CDR  MD?>CDR





xx/xx/xx    "Definitive B-Sides Collection"           10/10       3CDR  VAR>CDR           ALL Oasis B-sides through SOTSOG

09/29/94    Los Angeles, CA                           7.0/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(l)

06/19/97    Oakland, CA                               7.5/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(l)

10/07/97    Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, NY        8.0/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(l)

01/27/98    Los Angeles, CA                           8.0/10      1CAS  AUD>ANA(l)



Pearl Jam


VARIOUS     Let The Song Protest                      VAR/10      5CDR  VAR>CDR           self made set. see setlist page.

VARIOUS     Covering Them 2                           VAR/10      1CAS  VAR>ANA

xx/xx/92    MTV Unplugged                             10/10       1CDR  SBD>DAT>CDR       full set

04/05/95    Fox Theater; Atlanta, GA                  9.0/10      1CASi FM>ANA-1

07/11/95    Soldier Field; Chicago, IL                8.5/10      2CAS  FM>DAT>ANA(l)

01/31/98    Seattle, WA                               9.0/10      1CAS  STU>CDR           Studio outtakes for Yield

03/02/98    Melbourne, AU                             8.0/10      2CAS  DAT>ANA(l)

03/05/98    Melbourne, AU                             8.5/10      2CAS  DAT>ANA(l)

07/02/98    St Louis, MO                              9.0/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR





07/13/96    Strathclyde                               9.5/10      1CAS  SBD?>CDR

07/14/96    Glasgow, Scotland                         8.0/10      1CDR  SBD?>CDR

12/19/97    Hammerstein Ballroom; New York, NY        9.0/10      1CAS  TV>VHS>ANA(m)

04/10/98    Rosemont Theater; Chicago, IL             8.0/10      2CDR  AUD>CDR

09/16/00    Gofferpark; Nijmegen, Netherlands         9.0/10      2CDR  FM?>HN>WAV>CDR

09/19/00    St. Denis, France                         8.0/10      2CDR  AUD(?)>CDR        very unsure of source

06/23/01    Gorge Amphitheatre; George, WA            9.0/10      1VHS  SBD>VHS           from video feed on big monitors

08/16/01    Liberty St. Park; Jersey City, NJ         8.5/10      2CDR  MD>CDR

08/17/01    Liberty St. Park; Jersey City, NJ         8.0/10      2CDR  MD>CDR

10/26/02    Shoreline Amph.; Mt. View, CA             9.0/10      40    DAT>CDR           Yorke solo at Bridge School Benefit

10/27/02    Shoreline Amph.; Mt. View, CA             9.0/10      35    DAT>CDR           Yorke solo at Bridge School Benefit





06/25/99    Glastonbury Fest; Glastonbury, UK         10/10 1CDRi FM>DAT>CDR 

08/31/99    Christian Park Amph.; Atlanta, GA         10/10 2CDR  FM>DAT>CDR

05/21/01    MTV Unplugged                             10/10 2CDR  SBD>DAT>CDR             full show, not just broadcast portion

xx/xx/xx    Xmas singles compilation                  10/10 1CDR  STU>CDR                 various songs


Smashing Pumpkins:


for a very large list see: http://daveheineman.tripod.com/sp.html


Waters, Roger


08/10/99    S.P.A.C.; Albany, NY                      8.5/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR


Wilco and Jeff Tweedy


11/05/96    Five Points Music Hall; Birmingham, AL    9.0/10      45    AUD>ANA(l)

02/08/97    APC Studios; Atlanta, GA                  9.0/10      45    FM>DAT>ANA(l)

05/10/97    The Fillmore; San Francisco, CA           10/10       3CDR  SBD>CDR

05/23/97    Riviera Night Club; Chicago, IL           8.5/10      110   AUD>ANA(l)

06/14/98    Fleadh Festival; Randall's Island, NY     10/10       50    SBD>CDR           includes letterman performance at end

03/11/99    Tower Records; Chicago, IL                10/10       45    FM>ANA(l)         WXRT Show

04/24/99    Brown University; Providence, RI          8.0/10      90    AUD>ANA-1

05/29/95    WXRT Studios; Chicago, IL                 10/10       30    FM>DAT>ANA(l)

12/31/99    Riviera; Chicago, IL                      NYR/10      2CDR  AUD>CDR

10/21/99    Lounge Axe; Chicago, IL                   9.5/10      2CDR  DAT/SBD?>CDR

01/04/00    Lounge Axe; Chicago, IL                   8.0/10      2CDR  DAT?>CDR

01/09/00    Lounge Ax; Chicago, IL                    9.0/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR

x/x/00-1    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Pre-Mixing Demos     10/10       69    STU>CDR

11/28/01    Moore Theater; Seattle, WA                9.5/10      2CDR  SBD>DAT>CDR

03/19/02    Mackey Auditorium; Boulder, CO            8.5/10      2CDR  AUD (DAT?)>CDR   

04/24/02    Lupo's; Providence, RI                    NYR/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR           CSC>D-8>CDRWav>wav>shn

04/27/02    Memorial Chapel; Schenectady, NY          10/10       2CDR  SBD>DAT>CDR

09/10/02    KCRW Studios; Santa Monica, CA            9.0/10      1CDR  WWW>WAV>CDR webcast from "Morning Becomes Eclectic"

11/09/02    The Pageant; St. Louis, MO                9.0/10      2CDR  WWW>WAV>CDR official site webcast (MP4)



Young, Neil


11/xx/70    Royal Albert Hall; London, UK             10/10 1CAS  SBD>ANA

10/31/96    Hamilton, ON                              8.5/10      2CAS  AUD>ANA(l)

05/30/99    Sanger Theater; New Orleans, LA           7.0/10      2CDR  DAT>CDR




see http://daveheineman.tripod.com/sp.html




*All orig sources "AUD" unless otherwise noted (i.e. FM, TV, VID, etc.)


-1,-2, etc.- Generation of my Copy

?gen- gen unknown

ANA- Analogue recording

AUD- audience recording

CDR- Recordable Compact Disc recording

DAT- Digital Audio Tape recording

FM- FM broadcast

low- low gen (usually 2 or 3)

i (after length)- incomplete show.  may be complete available recording.

m- master recording

MD- MiniDisc recording

NYR- Not Yet Rated

PRO- pro-shot video recording

pFM- pre FM

R2R- Reel to Reel

SBD- Soundboard

VHS- Have show on Video (NOTE: I can't currently trade VHS)

VID- audience video recording