Counting Crows CDR List


10/16/01- Smith College; Northampton, MA
Length: 2CDR
Set :Disc 1: 1. intro 2. Black and Blue, 3. Recovering the Satelites, 4. Mr. Jones, 5.Angels of the Silences, 6. Miami, 7. High Life, 8. Richard Manuel is Dead, 9. Anna Begins, 10. Carriage, 11. Omaha, 12. Insomnia, 
        Disc 2: 1. HYSML?, 2. Rain King/ Thunder Road, 3. A Murder of One, 4. American Girls, 5. Goodnight Elisabeth, 6. Hanginaround, 7. Sweet Carolina

04/29/01 Shim Sham Club; New Orleans, LA
Length: 2CDR
Set: Disc 1: 1. I Wanna Be Sedated, 2. Flesh #1-Beatle Dennis, 3. Cigarettes and Alcohol, 4. My Winding Wheel, 5. Catapult, 6. Ohh La La, 7. Another Horsedreamer's Blues, 8. Baby Blue, 9.Rain King, 10. Thirteen, 11. Come Pick Me Up (missing intro)
        Disc 2: 1. Goodnight L.A. (incomplete),2. Shake Some Action, 3. Goodnight Elisabeth, 4. Only You, 5. You Shook Me All Night Long, 6. Cum On Feel The Noize, 7. A Long December, 8. Supersonic, 9. Outside Chance, 10. Unsatisfied, 11. Ballad of El Goodo, 12. I Wanna Be Sedated 13. come pick me up (full)

 8/22/00- PNC Bank Arts Center- Holmdell, NJ
DAT or SBD >CDR (very good)
Length: 1 CDR
Set: colorblind, catapult, anna begins, I wish I was a Girl, Mr Jones, st robinson and his cadillac dream, another horsedreamer's blues, monkey, rain king, hangin' around, live forever (oasis)/ a long december, murder of one
Notes: Great show (I was lucky enough to be there!)

05/05/00 Shim Sham Club; New Orleans, LA
Source: DAT>CDR
Length: 2 CDR
Set: Disc 1: 1. intro 2. I Wish I Was A Girl, 3. Catapult, 4. Oceanside, 5. Crossing Muddy Waters, 6. Poncho and Lefty, 7. Sullivan Street, 8. Dancing Days, 9. She Doesn't Exist Anymore, 10.-14. {5 songs by Jules Shear & Continental Drifters}
      Disc 2: 1. banter 2. Bad Time, 3. Useless Stuff, 4. How can I Live Without You, 5. Low, 6. Mr. Jones, 7. Closer To You, 8. Hugging Her Guitar, 9. Another Horsedreamer's Blues, 10. A Long December, 11. For the Sake of the Song, 12. Rain King, 13. Goodnight Elisabeth

12/02/99- Denver, CO
Source: FM>DAT>CDR
Length: 2 CDRs
Set: mr jones, angles of the silences, i wish i was a girl, high life, omaha, monkey, all my friends, four days, round here, amy hit the atmosphere, st robinson..., rain king, hangin around, colorblind, kid things, a long december

"By The Time We Got to Woodstock"
Source: Limited (1,000 copies) official release
Length: 1 CDR
Set: mr jones, angels of the silences, recovering the satelites, have you seen me lately, daylight fading, mercury, omaha, round here, rain king, a murder of one, goodnight elisabeth, long decemeber, anna begins
Notes: Official release available through Perfect quality.

Woodstock '99
Source: FM>CDR (though suspicions of MP3)
Length: 1 CDR
Set: mr jones, angels of the silences, rain king, anna begins, omaha, recovering the satelites, round here, hangin around, a long december, have you seen me lately?, murder of one


11/21/93 Charleston, WV, etc.
: B+ (soundboard)
Length: 90 minutes
Setlist: Rain King, Mr. Jones, A Murder of One, Omaha, Wiseblood, Perfect Blue Buildings, Wiseblood, Mr. Jones, A good Year for the Roses, 40 Years, Good Night Elizabeth, Caravan, Round Here, Omaha, Anna Begins, Ghost Train, Children in Bloom
Notes: A mish-mash of early stuff from the crows, including many rare songs.

4/28/94- Teatro Palido, Rome Italy
: A
Length: 90 minutes
Setlist: Goodnight Elizabeth, Round Here, Omaha, Anna Begins, Ghost Train, Children in Bloom, Time and Time Again, Rain King, Perfect Blue Buildings, Mr. Jones, Margery Dreams of Horses, A Murder of One, Wiseblood, Sullivan Street
Notes: Great show, intimate and mostly acoustic.

11/16/95- Hollywood Grand, Hollywood, CA
: B
Length: 90 minutes
Setlist: Catapult, Angels of the Silences, Daylight Fading, I'm not Sleeping, Miller's Angels, Another Horsedreamer's Blues, Wiseblood, Ghost Train, Chelsea, Margery Dreams of Horses, Have You Seen Me Lately?, Suffocate, Children in Bloom, Good Luck
Notes: Kickoff, or debut for the "recovering the satellites" album. Full of energy and rare songs

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